Expats are important to Wassenaar

Expats are an integral part of the Wassenaar community and we would very much like you to vote in the local elections on March 21st.  In the municipal council we want to represent all local residents including the expats on the matters which we can decide upon at a local level.  Local matters include decisions regarding roads and building works and permits, sport facilities, culture, garbage collection, health and support services, shopping area and parking, etc

The VVD is the  political party of the H.E. Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte. VVD stands for Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy). We are the largest party in the Netherlands and in Wassenaar.  The VVD is founded on the liberal philosophy.  Its aim is to further the free intellectual and social development of each individual, without making distinctions according to religious or ideological convictions, nationality, sex, race, colour of skin or language.  Central to our beliefs is freedom of choice for everyone.  The VVD believes that de government’s role is important, although not central, and it is not a goal in itself.  The VVD wants equal opportunities for everyone, but at the same time, it believes that those who work hard, develop their talents or take more responsibilities, should be better rewarded.  The VVD is a people’s party, wishing to serve the interest of the Dutch nation as a whole. 

In Wassenaar the VVD is committed to freedom and responsibility for everyone in Wassenaar. Each individual should have the freedom and possibility to make something of their lives.  Taking responsibility for one's own life while at the same time showing respect to others and supporting others in the community.  The last 4 years the VVD was in the opposition. For the next 4 years we would like to become part of the coalition again and have a larger impact on policies and implementation.  Wassenaar is a beautiful village and we would like it to remain that way, while adapting to the general changes in society.

In our view the most important issues facing Wassenaar at the moment are:

  1. political future of an independent Wassenaar 
  2. improvement of municipal services
  3. improvement of traffic congestion in and around Wassenaar

Ad 1) Due to developments at national and regional levels there has been much discussion about the political future of Wassenaar.  Should we merge with our neighbours Voorschoten, Katwijk, Leiden or even The Hague?  The pressure from outside is much larger than the pressure from inside Wassenaar.  The VVD does not recognise the need to merge with neighbouring municipalities.  As an independent municipality we are still able to effectively meet the needs of our residents, at a reasonable cost. In addition, we are happy with the various collaborations within the region.  However, in order to retain independence and control over our own living environment, policies and facilities, we need to be able to take care of ourselves.  To the VVD this means that we need to attain real financial sustainability and provide optimal municipal services at reasonable costs. In addition, the public administration should be professional, transparant and committed to serve the inhabitants of Wassenaar.  The VVD’s main focus is to ensure that we are not overspending and that we improve our services.  In addition, effective collaboration in the region will help us to achieve these goals.   Only then are we in control of our own future.

Ad 2) Municipal services to the residents of Wassenaar should improve.  The local authority should better communication with residents; earlier, proactively and inclusively.  Also it should be easier for residents to know whom and where to reach someone of the administration.  Rules and regulations should be clear to all. 

Ad3) Traffic congestion in and around Wassenaar are partly the result of general developments. The last 4 years we have  seen only improvements to the pavements and roads, but no solutions to the traffic congestion.  The VVD wants to focus on solving the traffic bottlenecks at the Rozenplein and Lange Kerkdam.  In addition, rat run traffic needs to be addressed. Furthermore, additional efforts should be made to organise support nationally and regionally to start planning for the tunnelling of the N44.  Only then will we be able to improve the accessibility in the region, and create opportunity for more green environment and additional housing.  In addition, a tunnel will reduce noise and air pollution.

The VVD is committed for Wassenaar to remain a beautiful lively village, safe, diverse, connected but also unique and special.  Being part of dynamic and growing metropole.  Our unique characteristics are due to the large number of local clubs and societies, cultural activities, entrepreneurs, expats and many volunteers. Our uniquely green environment is a blessing in the hectic and crowded metropole. 

We would very much like you as an expat to vote in the local elections on March 21st.